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Immediate Results of Corpsdereve Foundation Lingerie

Modeling an ideal body shape involves 3 steps of fat movement

(1) Fat movement
(immediately after wearing)

(2) Fat Position
Fat is guided to the right place     
     (immediately after wearing)

(3) Fat moulded to desired shape
(after 3-6 months of wearing)

Self Check

Has your fat moved elsewhere or are you wearing the wrong lingerie?



Do you have ......

1) excessive fat under your armpit? (2) large and fat upper arms? (3) extra fat accumulating beneath your lower bustline?
(4) extra fat at your upper back ? (5) no cleavage between your breasts? (6) big thighs and hips sagging and protruding to the sides?
(7) fat bulging from waistline? (8) difficulty in fitting into beautiful clothes?  

Who Should Wear

Who needs ELKEN's Corpsdereve Foundation Lingerie?

(1) Adolescent girls (2) Women who desire to look beautiful & fashionable (3) Women after childbirth
(4) Elderly women (5) Women whose body have changed shape