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Pengedar Berdaftar Bagi  Elken Sdn Bhd

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Health Regulation



Most  of  us  think  that  chronic diseases are  part  of   the ageing process  and  are thus  inevitable. Little do  we  realize the  fact that  health is  spontaneous and that life is naturally healthy.

The organs of the body are  designed to perform  nor-mally and  healthfully  from  the start and to continue doing so throughout life.   Impaired health lies in our  failure  to  be  in  control of our health.  We irresponsibly compromised on the quality   and quantity  supply of the body's most important   elements such  as  nutrition ,  oxygen  and  water,  sand cultivated a sick body over time. The Elken MRT Step 4 pro-motes  health regulation  as the most effective means of re-capturing  control   of our  health. By consuming  extra nourishing and invigorating products,  we are able to ultimately restore our impaired health.


Win IG6 Colostrum
Win  IG6  Colostrum  is  the  only true colostrum collected within the  first  6  hours  upon  the birth of the calf. It is 100% pure and 100%   organic , offering  the  highest  natural immunoglobulin benefits.  Win  IG6  Colostrum provides a perfect balance of both Immune and Growth Factors, necessary to activate more than 50 processes  in the  body,  ranging from immunity to regeneration
and growth of all cell types