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Hifiber Spirulina

What is Hifiber Spirulina?
Hifiber Spirulina is specially formulated as an effective remedy for health problems arising from widespread pollution and excessive intake of refined foods. It is also an excellent food supplement comprising of the nutritionally balanced spirulina and natural dietary fibre in concentrated form.
Hifiber Spirulina is rich in plant proteins, a good number of natural plant fibres, beta-carotene, vitamin B, C, & E, soy lecithin, unsaturated fatty acids, chlorophyll, alkaline minerals, and 46 types of nutrients essential to maintaining optimal health of the human body.

Main Ingredients of Hifiber Spirulina
Spirulina :
Spirulina is a form of blue-green algae found to be in existence on earth since 3.5 billin years ago. Thriving in highly alkaline, pollution-free environments, it has been proven to be the most nutritive and purest natural food.
Soy Lecithin :
Lecithin is highly regarded by the medical fraternity for its amazing ability in emulsifying or dissolving fatty and cholesterol deposits, hence eliminating vascular bloackage, increasing metabolism rates, retarding ageing process, preventing the onset of hypertension, and reducing the risks of myocardial infarction and various heart diseases.
Vitamin E :
As lecithin can be readily oxidized, the incorporation of vitamin E in the formulation plays a significant role in subduing oxidative processes.
Vitamin C :
Vitamin C is exceptional in lowering down l\blood cholesterol, increasing elasticity of vascular wall, fortifying immune defence, and resisting viral and bacterial infection. Moreover, vitamin C also serves as a scavenger for free radicals and helps to deliver a tenderly soft skin.
Dietary Fibre :
Dietary fibre is that part of the plant which cannot be digested by the human digestive system. It is very important to our digestive health and the health of our body as a whole. There are two kinds of dietary fibre, namely insoluble and soluble fibre. Fruits, vegetables, whole-grain foods, beans and legumes are all good sources of dietary fibre.

Major Efficacy of Hifiber Spirulina
Slimming – controls caloric intake and burns down excessive fats
Enhancement of body shape – provides a balanced conbination of nutrients and vitamins
Skin care – increases metabolism rates, improves skin resilience and radiance, and retards ageing process
Health care – fortifies immune system to keep civil diseases at bay

Hifiber Spirulina Contributes to Reducing Your Bodyweight !!
Hifiber spirulina is an ideal dietary substitute for people suffering from obesity. It contains a rich amount of dietary fibre capable of effectively breaking down and eliminating excessive fats in the body

Benefits of Hifiber Spirulina :
Safe and effective
Purely natural formulation
A balanced source of nutrients catering to a full day’s nutritional need
The ideal health food for slimming purposes

Recommended Consumption for Weight-loss Purposes :
- 3 times daily, each time 15-20 tablets
- can be taken in place of 1-2 normal meals of the day
- to be taken 30minutes before meals followed by a large amount of water
- at least 8-10 glasses of water a day
- can be supplemented by Fujita Lactose-S for better results