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Fujita Lactose-S

Watch out! Danger is just around the corner!
Based on medical prediction, colon cancer will be the world's leading cause of death in the 21th century! Many a times, the definition of health and longetivity has been restricted to 'balanced nutrients', 'adequate exercise' and 'positive thinking'.

How to know yor colon better ?
Our general health is closely related to our intestinal environment. BUt how do we know if our intestines are not congested and in a balanced condition? The simplest way is to check our feces : - Color and odour
The darker the color with an unbrearable odour, the worse it is
- Shape
- Detoxifying
- Boosting immunity
- Improvig skin / complexion
- Improving eyesight
- Improving digestion
- Revitalising
- Promoting longetivity

What is Coprostasis ?
According to a Japanese report of the intestines, there is an average of about 6-10lbs. Of coprostatistic stool in an unconstipated healthy personís colon.
Coprostasis is the result of waste matter adhering to the internal walls of the intestines for a long period of time. If it remains lodged in the intestines, it produces harmful by-products, which will then be absorbed into the blood stream, causing dysfuntion of the liver and upsetting our body metabolism system. Thus, coprostasis is the root cause of many ailments. Like many forms of stubborn stains, it is not easily eliminated once formed.
In short, relief from these problems requires that the basis first be eradicated.

How to know your colon better ?
Our general health is closely related to our intestinal environment. But how do we know if our intestines are not congested and in a balanced condition ?
The simplest way is to check our feces :
- color and odour : the darker the color with an unbearable odour, the worse it is
- shape : banana shaped, measuring to 3cm wide and 6cm long is considered ideal
- hardness : inability to retain its shape is an indication of unhealthy colon
- duration : each bowel activity should take only about 2-3 minutes
- quality : the average elimination should weight approximately 1kg

What is Fujita Lactose-S ?
Fujita Lactose-S is the rescue to our congested colon. It is a health supplement that will help to cleanse your digestive tract efficiently and thoroughly. The main ingredients in Fujita Lactose-S include lactose, oligosaccharides, dietary fibre and lactic acid bacteria while the supporting ingredients include oat extract, vitamin C, etc.
Lactose :
Lactose promotes growth of good bacteria in the intestines.
Oligosaccharides :
Oligosaccharides can promote the growth of Bifidus bacteria in the intestine.
Dietary fibre :
The effectiveness of dietary fibre has long been recognized. Some of the beneficial effects include the following :
1. promotos growth of Bifidus bacteria and suppressing proliferation of bad bacteria, thereby prevents development of colon cancer
2. increase the surface area of the intestines so to facilitate the elimination of feces and to prevent constipation
3. absorb harmful and toxic materials produced by bad bacteria
4. slow the absortion of glucose, thereby preventing a sudden surge in blood sugar which is a beneficial effect for diabetics
5. able to absorb dietary cholesterol, fats and bile acids to be excreted from the body, for the prevention of heart diseases, hypertention andstroke.

Why Bifidus Bacteria ?
Bifidus bacteria is 1.5times as effective as other lactic acid bacteria in producing lactic acid which can kill harmfull bacteria and stimulate the perisalic movements of the intestines.

The Effectiveness of Fujita Lactose-S

The Advantages of Fujita Lactose-S
Fujita Lactose-S :
-Effectively eliminate congested waste matter, no need for adverse colon irrigation
-Consists of 3 beneficial bacteria : Bifidus, Fecalis & Lacilis
-Addition of Dietary Fibre, oat extract and Vitamin C
-Completely natural ingredients that are nourishing to the body
-Expel waste matter with immediate effect
-Best selling product in Japan
-Effective slimming aid

Ingredients of Fujita Lactose-S :
Main ingredients : lactose, oligosaccharides, dietary fibre and Bifidus
Supporting ingredients : oat extract and Vitamin C
Each 40g contains 100 million Bifidus bacteria

Recommended Consumption
Consume for 3-6 consecutive days and later to be repeated weekly for the maintenance of health
Mix together with 250CC of cool water or fruit juice
Avoid solid foods for at least 4 hours before and after drinking Fujita Lactose-S
Some abdominal exercises may help the peristaltic movement of the intestine