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Win IG6 Colostrum - It's Helped Us, It's Sure To Help You Too.


1.“ My Sister Has Never Felt Better”

Karen Chia Chee Kit (Johor)
Recently, my younger sister was involved in an accident where she injured her knee. Though the incident neither left behind scars nor swells, the pain she suffers even after light exercise is tremendous. Climbing a flight of stairs seems to be a burden for her.

After consulting a doctor, we then realized that her bone was injured. Then, she went through physiotherapy. I started to worry that she might have to undergo this treatment for quite some time in order to recover, therefore I recommended Win IG6 Colostrum to her, knowing its efficacy in repairing the injured bone and nerve system. I thought my sister would recover faster when these two treatments work synergistically.

However, with only one physiotherapy session and consuming Win IG6 Colostrum for three consecutive months. I am overwhelmed to see my younger sister is completely cured. Now, it is a hassle keeping her off her feet. She runs around as how she used to without any complaint.

Thank you Win IG6 Colostrum for curing my sister in such a short time.


2.“ I No Longer Suffer From Breathing Problems”

Ling Chee Ing (Penang)
I have always had problems with my sense of smell. Adding to that, breathing problems were so common to me. If I were in a crowded or stuffy area, I would have breathing problems. Coupled with my weak immune system, I fell sick and the blue bug would strike me easily. Due to these reasons, I would always refrain myself from attending functions.

Soon, I was convinced by a couple of friends to try out Win IG6 Colostrum. I followed the recommended consumption – 2 in the morning and 2 at night. After only 2 months, I realized that my breathing became a whole lot better and my sense of smell became sharper. I built the courage to test myself out when I attended an Elken meeting that was packed with Elkenians. To my surprise, I had no breathing problems, in fact when I reached home after the meeting I did not feel sick nor did I have the flu.

What makes me really happy is that my muscle along my arms and face are now firmer.

Thank you Win IG6 Colostrum for solving my problems.

3.“With Win IG6 Colostrum, I am Pregnant Again”

Cheong Saw Ying (Ipoh)
Since the day I got married I wanted nothing more than to have a baby. However, even after months in the marriage, I could not get pregnant. It could be conincidental, but I sarted to get worried. Soon after, my friend approached me with Win IG6 Colostrum. According to her, it would help me with the situation.

I was willing to give anything a try, so I consumed 3 capsules a day. True enough, after just 1 month, my prayers were answered, as I got pregnant. It is hard to express the joy and the enthusiasm I felt, knowing that I was a mother to be. However, the joy only lasted two months. It may have been because of my extensive tiredness and a weak womb. I had a miscarriage. Disappointment and dismay could hardly describe how I felt at that moment. However, my friends convinced me to continue consuming Win IG6 Colostrum due to its health benefits. So I did. In fact, I increased the consumption from 3 capsules a day to 10. 3 months later, I was given a second chance, as I got pregnant again. Now I am 4 months into the pregnancy and rest assured by doctors that my baby is fine and healthy. I feel a whole lot healthier and my skin has become even more beautiful.

I also recommended Win IG6 Colostrum to my friends and sister-in-law who confirmed their pregnancy after a short period of consumption.