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Win Ester - C 250

Why Do We Need Vitamin C Everyday ?
Vitamin C cannot be made by our body. Because vitamin C is water-soluble, it is hardly stored in the body and, hence, easily excreted from the body. In addition, vitamin C is easily destroyed by heat, ultraviolet rays, certain food additives and agricultural chemicals. As a results, most of the vitamin C content in foods is wasted before it reaches our mouth. When comes into contact with air, vitamin C is also oxidised. Therefore, this wonder vitamin needs to be replenished everyday, more so for those who smoke, who are stressed and for those who are sick. Their needs for vitamins C increase accordingly.


Facts About Vitamin C
Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and is found richly in many fresh fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is essential for the growth of teeth, bone, subcutaneous tissue and cartilage.
The lack of Vitamin C can result in defective and weak collagen, and wounds that will not heal. A prolonged deficiency can cause scurvy, a disease marked by debility, anaemia and edema. In extreme scurvy, the muscle cells sometimes fragment, mouth infection develops, the person vomits blood, and cerebral haemorrhage may results, leading to a high fever, which often proceeds death.

Functions of Vitamin C
- Formation of healthy teeth, bone, subcutaneous tissue and cartilage
- Shape
- Maintenance of a strong immune system
- Inactive harmful free radicals
- Act as an effective antioxidant
- Prevent cancer and other chronic disease
Research indicates that the role of vitamin C in human health is much more complex than was previously thought and that it plays a role in many metabolic functions in the human body.

What is Win Ester-C Polyascorbate ?

Why do health-concious consumers choose it over ordinary vitamin C ?
Elken's Win Ester-C Polyascorbate is a unique of vitamin C specially produced for its far-reaching nutriitonal properties.

4 Times are Effective as ordinary Vitamin C
Win Ester-C Polyascorbate is found to be 4 times as effective compared to ordinary vitamin C in preventing scurvy. One of the immediate benefits of Win Ester-C Polyascorbate is gentle digestion and assimilation due to its neutral pH. Win Ester-C Polyascorbate, however, is pH buffered and fully reached with its mineral. In addition, compared to ordinary vitamin C, Win Ester-C Polyascorbate has reduced rate of oxalate excretion by as much as 80%, thereby reducing the risk of kidney stone formation. Moreover, with its unique manufacturing process and formulation, Ester-C Polyascorbate is superior to ordinary vitamin C in shelf life and stability.

How does Each Tablets of Ester-C Act ?
1 tablets of Win Ester-C Polyascorbate = approximately 12-15 oranges

The Effectiveness of Win Ester-C Polyascorbate :

1. Beyond Scurvy
As a much more effective form of vitamin C, Elken's Ester-C Polyascorbate plays a vital role beyond the prevention of scurvy.

2. Preventing the Common COld
The evidence from numerous vitamin C studies suggests that vitamin C lessens the severity and length of cold infections, if taken at the onset of symptoms. Therefore, takin Win Ester-C Polyascorbate regularly helps you keep flu and common cold at bay.

3. Fighting other Viral and Bacterial Infections

4. Bolstering Immunity
Win Ester-C Polyascorbate plays an important role in the immune system.

5. Preventing Cancer
The cancer-protective effect of vitamin C stems from its antioxidant properties.

6. Lowering Cholesterol Levels


Are High Doese of Vitamin C or C Metabolites Harmful ?
Vitamin C in its various forms is probably the least toxic substance of all supplemental nutrients.

Recommended Dosage
Take one tablets of Win Ester-C Polyascorbate every time after meal. Increase dosage if smoking or sick.