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Pengedar Berdaftar Bagi  Elken Sdn Bhd

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Win Rei Shi

What is Win Rei Shi ?
While the quality of wild Rei Shi tends to fluctuate, Win Rei Shi is scientifically processed through advanced technology to ensure consistent high quality of the formulation. In addition, Win Rei Shi contains :
- 50% Rei Shi mushroom
- 50% Shitake mushroom

Why Chose Win Rei Shi
- Win Rei Shi is an exclusive preparation conbining 50% Rei Shi mushroom with 50% Shitake mushroom
- Only high-grade, edible grains are used as cluture substrates for the growth of Rei Shi and Shitake mushroom
- Clutured under conditions of absolute purity with no added chemical growth prmoters, fertilizerz, pesticides, artifical colaring, or preservatives
- 100% organic
- essence of Rei Shi taken from the mycelium, which is 3 to 5 times richer in essential nutrients, organic germanium and polysaccharide than the entire Rei Shi

The active ingredients and functions of Rei Shi in Win Rei Shi :
1. Polysaccharide
- increases the number of antibodies and regulating interferon, thus reinforcing body resistance
- strengthen body cells
- anti-tumors
- helps revive pancrease, functions and reduce sugar level in the blood
2. Organic germanium
- increase oxygen content in the blood to help control the growth of cancerous cell
- stabilize electric function around cancerous cell
- relieve lethargy
- strengthens blood vessel
- strengthens immune system
- eliminates water-soluble posions and relieves food poisoning
- normalizes blood pressure
- helps in recovery from stroke
- relieve numbness and coldness from hands and feet

The benefits of Rei Shi in Win Rei Shi :
- increases memory and prevents forgetfulness in old age, thus relieving symptoms of Alzheimner’s disease
- acts as an antioxidant
- increases oxygen content in the blood
- stabilizes mental condition
- anti-inflammatory
- promotes longetive and maintain vitality
- increases immune status of hemophilic patients with positive HIV
- anti-tumour
- relieves migraine and headaches
- relieves arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, anorexia, gastritis, hemorrhoids
- alleviates symptoms of Hepititis B
- reduce blood glucose level in diabetic patients due to increase in plasma insulin and acceleration of glucose metabolism
- heal wounds, especially these caused by diabetes
- relieves pain caused by nasopharyngeal carcinoma
- lowers down hypertensive blood pressure
- protects body from heavy metals and radiation poisoning

Win Rei Shi is suitable for people who desire to :
- maintain optimal health
- alleviate chronic health problems
- relieve serious illness

Recommended dosage for Win Rei Shi :
For optimal health, take 2-3 times per day, each time 1-2 capsules. Increase consumption accordingly for people with health problems or serious illness