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Pengedar Berdaftar Bagi  Elken Sdn Bhd

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Besides addressing   itself  to the importance of nutrition and oxygen intake,  the Molecular Reform Therapy also promotes the importance of cleansing the body. Every day our body breaks down some where between 300 to 800 billion cells.

These  are  spent cells and are of no use to the body. If they are not removed from the body, they will become poisonousand will begin to harm the body. Similarly for the food we consumed  daily,  the  non digestable food substances  and  the toxic additives must also be eliminated. If all these waste matters build up faster  than the body can eliminate them, our body will become toxic (or poisoned). The  more toxic we are, the sicker  we  can become.

Accumulation of waste in the large intestine has been found to be the main culprit of many chronic diseases. In the 21st century, colon cancer is predicted to be the number one health  killer and  many  medical professors have openly declared that colon cleansing is the route to longevity. Dr. John H. Tilden, in his landmark book Toxemia Explained, demonstrated dramatically that,  more  often  than not,  what we call disease is nothing more than the body's own effort to cleanse itself of toxins.
The Elken MRT Step 3 promotes effective detoxification naturally through the following products:


Narisia Bio Pure R.O. Water Purification System Adopting  state - of - the - art  Reverse  Osmosis technology, Narisia  Bio  Pure  R.O. Water Purification  System has been scientifically   proven   to   be    capable   of   eliminating    all contaminants ,   farm  chemicals ,  heavy  metals ,  bacteria, viruses and dissolved chemicals to produce drinking water of 99.99% purity.

Win Tea
Win  Tea  is  a  prized formulation of Chinese medicinal herbs developed  by  specialists  of  the Chinese Medical Centre in China. It has undergone stringent tests and is declared free of toxic  elements  and  very  safe for consumption by the China Health Division. Win  Tea  is  ideal  for keeping  the body and mind in perfect balance.  It is  effective  in  achieving detoxification, slimming and revitalising results.

Fujita Lactose-S
Fujita   Lactose   S   is   a  unique  health   drink formulation meticulously  designed  for  thorough colon  cleansing.  It  is remarkable   in  promoting bowel   movements  to  effectively remove stubborn stool, toxins and other harmful wastes in the colon.