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Pengedar Berdaftar Bagi  Elken Sdn Bhd

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Of all  the elements of health, Oxygen is the most indispensable need of the living body under all conditions of existence. It is possible to live weeks without food and days without water, but 6 minutes without oxygen, we will be dead. Oxygen is needed for all metabolic processes.

Unfortunately  for most of us in this day or age, it is practically impossible  to have really good quality and quantity supply of oxygen. Oxygen is either  wasted  in our  body  because of our lack of proper blood circulation or lacking because  of the increasing demand  brought about by our  impaired health condition.  All these will result  in an oxygen deficiency which then cause changes in the cells and overtime, will lead to detrimental health conditions.

The Elken MRT Step 2promotes the increase of oxygen intake through supplements that enhance blood circulation and improve efficiency of body metabolism. These products include :


Win Rei Shi
Win Rei Shi is an exclusive preparation comprising 50% of Shiitake Mushroom from Japan and 50% of China’s Lingzhi Mushroom.  It is rich in  essential minerals  and vitamins and is regarded as
the nourishing food for longevity the nourishing food for longevity.

Guasa Board
Guasa  Board is  made from buffalo horn -  a non conductor of electricity and heat which is effective in  removing heat and toxins  from the body, the use of Guasa Board enhances the  effectiveness of Guasa Therapy

Guasa Lotion
Guasa   Lotion  is  a  liniment for promoting  blood  circulation. It provides  an  excellent  alternative  to treating  minor  ailments, stress and negative emotional states.

Aro Guasa Oil
Aro Guasa Oil combines the effective use of essential oils with  the Chinese Traditional Guasa to provide therapeutic treatment for both mind and body. Aro Guasa Oil is an established ‘alternative’ natural therapy,   to  help  overcome painful  aches  as  well as  provide stress relief.

Win Aerobic Oxygen
Win  Aerobic Oxygen  is  an  oxygen  supplement containing  high level of stablished oxygen molecules to promote general well being Especially  for  people  who  live  in hectic lifestyle  where  oxygen starvation is always the common syndrome,  Win Aerobic  Oxygen is an ideal, safe and effective supplement to supply more oxygen to the body.