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Pengedar Berdaftar Bagi  Elken Sdn Bhd

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The Nutritional Values Of Spailen Spirulina
* Nutritional value is 14 times more than cow's milk
* Protein value is 2 times higher than soya bean
* Protein value is 6 times higher than egg
* Protein value is 3.5 times higher than beef
* Food for astronauts
* The richest source of iron and folic acid
- 68 times higher than spinach
- 29 times higher than raw beef
- 5 times higher than soya bean

The King Of SOD (Super-oxide Dismutase) - Functions :
* Enhances Immune System
* Helps to slow the aging process
* Restores youth
* Acts as an anti-oxidant

Good News For Vegetarians - The Rchest Vegetables Source Of Vitamin B12 In The World
Vegetarians cannot obtain sufficient Vitamin B12 as it can only be obtained from animal's liver.
The value of Vitamin B12 in Spirulina is 2.5 times higher than cow's liver, commonly known as the best provided of B12. In other words, it is 250% higher in Vitamin B12.
According to the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of the United States, the Intake of Vitamin B12 is around 2mg, and 3 tablets of Spailen SPirulina provide more than enough of that amount.
The function of B12 :
- Enhances memory retention
- Helps to prevent pernicious anemia

Spirulina Is A Super Nutrient Supplement For the Development Of Brain
Spirulina's rich and balanced nutirnets are perfect for the development of brain cells. It is a well-known source of nutrients for children and adults for the development and maintenance of brain cells. Professor Keiun Kodo ( The Expert in Spirulina )

Health Bestowing Ingredients In WIN TEA
- Gaerin Nelumba Nucifera - 600mg
- Acanthopanax Gracilitylus - 600mg
- Cassia Augustifalia - 450mg
- Diospyros Kaki - 600mg

Spirulina Replaces Human Milk
Due to the rich concentration of Gamma Linolenic Acid in Spirulina, Mexicans now utilise Spirulina to replenish the inadequate nutrients supplied or even replace the human milk with Spirulina.
The Gamma Linolenic Acid of Spirulina is 3 times higher than that in Evening Primrose Oil.
Function :
- Helps to prevent the problem of sensitive dermatitis in children
- Moderates blood pressure (to normalise the blood pressure)
- Prevents asthma
- Prevents tumor growth
- Prevents clotting in blood vessels
- Slows down the process of ageing

The 4 Natural Pigments Of Spailen Spirulina - The Best Food For Cancer Prevention
1 ChlorophyII A - sometimes known as 'green blood'
2 B - carotene (Pro - Vitamin A)
The concentration of B-carotene in SPirulina is 40-60 times higher than those found in spinach and 25 times higher than those found in carrots.
1 tablets of Spirulina = 1 kg of cabbage
1 tablets of Spirulina = 18 apples

Spailen Spirulina Is A 100% Alkaline Food
According to Dr. Ragner Berg of the United States :
In order to stay healthy, it is essential that our daily meals provide the proper rpoportion of 80% alkaline food and 20% of acidic food.

Recommended Consumption
Adults : Take 5 to 10 tablets each time.
Children below 12 years old : Take 1 to 4 tablets each time.
Spailen Spirulina is not a medicine but a nutritious health food. Therefore, it will not cause any harm if taken in large doses or taken together with other medicaiton.

Possible Reactions Might Occur After Taking Spirulina - Dizziness is felt as a sign of recovery process from sickness
Reaction : Fever or slight fever
Possible Reasons : Spirulina contains 68% protein and other rich nutrients which promote body metabolism to release body heat and hence increase body temperature

Reaction : Fever, excited, wide awake at night
Possible Reasons : Burning of excessive fats in the body and covering into heat energy, is a normal condition

Reaction : Blackish green excreta
Possible Reasons : Spirulina helps to eliminate accumulated residues in the colon. If the excreta still remains green in colour after some period of time, this is due to the green pigments of Spirulina

Reaction : Fart, chest pain
Possible Reaction : Malfunction of digestive system, flatulence

Reaction : Feeling more painful around afftected area
Possible Reaction : Gastric and duodenal ulcers, rheumatism, excessive uric acid, migraine, neuralgia

Reaction : Sleepy, tired hands and legs
Possible Reaction : Acidic body condition, liver mulfunction, over exhausted or having taken too much medicine previously

Reaction : Dizzy, lethargic, feel hungry
Possible Reaction : If consumed by those who have suffered from hypoglycemia and anaemia, there is a drop in blood sugar level to burn excessive fat

Reaction : Nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, hiccup
Possible Reaction : Poor digestion, gastroptosis, hepatitis, gastric hyperacidity

Reaction : Pimples, itchiness, red sports, sweating and smelly urine
Possible Reaction : Results of detoxification in the body, poor liver function and allergic body

Reaction : Increase in body weight
Possible Reaction : After oxidation of body fat, underweight people will experience an increase in their muscle mass while overweight people will experience an increase in their bodily fluid (edema). These are effects of weak kidneys

Reaction : Cold and fever, sore throat
Possible Reaction : Latent symptom of these sickness

Reaction : Temporary irregular menstruation
Possible Reaction : While adjusting problem of hormonal imbalance in the body

Reaction : Running nose, asthma, phlegm
Possible Reaction : Weak respiratory function

Reaction : Slight edema of face and leg
Possible Reaction : Poor kidney function

Reaction : Slight nasal bleeding
Possible Reaction : Insufficient blood anaemia is most common among women

Reaction : Bleeding when passing motion
Possible Reaction : Normal conditon for haemorrhoids

Reaction : No reaction Possible Reaction : Healthy body condition or has been fully recovered from sickness