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Pengedar Berdaftar Bagi  Elken Sdn Bhd

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WinAerobic Oxygen

Healthy Cells Are Determined By Oxygen
- Human body is composed of 60 trillion cells
- Healthy cells = Healthy body
- Elements that required by healthy cells = Balanced nutrients + Pure Water + Suffient Oxygen

The Best Solution of Oxygen Therapy ~ Win Aerobic Oxygen
- Oxygen supplement
- Negatively charged stabilized electrolyrates of oxygen
- High alkaline enhances the immenu system
- Each bottle contains 12,000ppm oxygen = 1000 times compared with tap water
- Safe proven by researches conducted over 30 years
- Amazing results

Funtions of Win Aerobic Oxygen
- Enhances physical stregth
- Prevents infection
- Improve respiratory problems
- Improves anaemia
- Antioxidant
- Prevents tooth decay & gum disease
- Purifies drinking water

Effectiveness of Win Aerobic Oxygen
- Relieve lethary
- Prevents infections diseases
- Relieves asthma, emphysema patients
- Prevents dizziness
- Promotes beaty
- Reduces tooth decay and gum diseases
- For purifying water when travelling

Who should take Win Aerobic Oxygen ?
- Eevryone
- Atheletes
- Those required to drive long distance and work overtime frequently
- Those who frequently have flu
- Asthmatic and bronchitis patients
- Anemic patients
- Those who want to maintain oral hygiene
- Those who lack of exercise