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Win Tea

Drink To Your Health
Since ancient times, tea has been drunk in various societies as a traditional tonic for promoting and maintaining a healthy mind and body. This is especially true of oriental cultures. Western medical science has more recently acknowledged that such traditional remedies are not more quackery and instead has, through scientific tests, confirmed their remedial abilities including preventing cardiavascular diseases and dental cavities, detoxifying the body, streh\ngthening the immune system and thereby resulting in a longer, healthier life.

Tea - Not Just Your Usual Cuppa
Tea drinking has spread to incude various herbal teas as people become more health conscious. More attention had shifted to the curative properties of herbs - the most effective healers of our planet. Scientific research findings have supported such claims. Among the benefits are : - Enhancing blood circulation
- Stimulating mental clarity
- Detoxifying
- Boosting immunity
- Improvig skin / complexion
- Improving eyesight
- Improving digestion
- Revitalising
- Promoting longetivity

Win Tea - A Health Secret Unlocked
Win Tea, brings you all the health benefits of some high quality herbs. CLinical studies have proven this tea to have various health benefits including :
- Strengthening the spleen to enhance the body digestive system
- Regulating urination
- Reducing fat and cholesterol
- Regulating and enhancing the body immune system
- Increasing mental alertness
- Preventing bad breath
- Reducing weight

Health Bestowing Ingredients In WIN TEA
- Gaerin Nelumba Nucifera - 600mg
- Acanthopanax Gracilitylus - 600mg
- Cassia Augustifalia - 450mg
- Diospyros Kaki - 600mg

To the four special ingredients in Win Tea is also added Green Tea, which is also known widely as a health drink. The presence of polyhenols and caffeine in the Green Tea retards free radicals from creating more damage to our body. Thus, its inclusion in Win Tea greatly enhances it as a health drink.

Good Healthy Reasons For Drinking Win Tea
- Detoxification
- Slimming
- To Revitalise The Skin and Face
- Longetivity
- Maintain A Healthier Cholesterol Profile
1. Detoxification
2. Slimming
3. To Revitalise The Skin and Face
4. Longetivity
5. Maintain A Healthier Cholesterol Profile

Recommended Consumption
For health maintenance : A sachket a day
For dieters : 2 to 3 times a day after meals. ( WIN TEA has mild laxative effects. Expect frequent toilet visits and do not be alarmed.)
Caution : Not recommended for pregnant women and children

Win Tea - Make it your daily drink
Win Tea is a natural herbal source to help you be free of various chronic diseases. It is a simple, convenient and pleasant way to a healthy, long life. So, make it your daily cuppa.